Anxiety & Stress

Family Services Association - Anxiety & Stress picture1Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives and is a physical response to the events that are occurring in our lives. We call these events stressors and the way we chose to respond to these experiences determines the level of stress in our lives. In order for our body to effectively cope with stress we must learn effective strategies to adapt to our stressors. Even people with healthy, effective strategies can sometimes find themselves overwhelmed when they are overloaded with stressors too often over an extended period of time. When this happens a person may begin to experience symptoms of anxiety such as:

Family Services Association - Anxiety & Stress picture2

  • feelings of being on edge and unable to wind down

  • unable to sleep properly because you can not ‘quiet’ your mind

  • muscle aches and pains

  • difficulty concentrating, staying focused and periods when you find you mind going ‘blank’

  • always being in a rush

  • losing enjoyment in accomplishments or the people around you

  • racing heart and a difficulty catching your breath

  • feeling shaky or trembling inside

  • nausea /dizziness

In counselling we focus on strengthening what coping strategies you are currently using that are effective for you, learn new methods when necessary and build your confidence and trust in yourself such that you enjoy increased control of your life.

To arrange for counselling, by calling our Intake Counsellor at 902-420-1980 or 1-888-886-5552 (toll free) or email