Confidentiality Statement

All of our counselors are bound by the Code of Ethics of the association of which they are certified. These ethical standards are designed to protect your confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship so that you can feel safe in developing a positive and private relationship with your counselor that will assist you in working effectively towards your goals in therapy.

Confidentiality is particularly reassuring to individuals who are accessing service through their Employee Assistance Program. You can be confident that all communication between you and your counselor are private and that no one from your workplace or private life will be given verbal or written confirmation of your attendance at counseling without your knowledge.

It is important for you to understand that for your safety, as well as the community, there are instances where under Provincial and Canadian Law, confidentiality can be broken. This would only occur under extreme cases where it is determined that you may present risk of harm to yourself and/or others. Again there are very rare occurrences where confidentiality is breached by a court order or through some other specific segments of legislation. Family Service Association considers confidentiality to be a necessity in our service and would take every step to ensure that it was maintained.