Employee Assistance Program

Services for Individuals and Families

Family Service Employee Assistance Program provides counselling, information and referral services for employees and their families.

Crisis Counselling

– Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
– Direct access to professional counselling staff through our toll-free telephone line: 1-800-668-9920

Psychological and Social Counselling

Psychological and social counselling includes comprehensive assessment, short-term treatment, referral when necessary, and follow up including:

– Marital/relationship counselling
– Family counselling
– Child and adolescent counselling
– Work-related counselling
– Personal and emotional counselling
– Interpersonal conflict counselling
– Psychological assessments

If your employer has an EAP provided by Family Service Association then you and your family members may use the services included in your program at no cost to you. Your employer pays for it as part of your employee benefit package. To know whether or not you are entitled to access the services of Family Service EAP contact your human resource or benefits department. Ask for information on the employee benefits package or employee assistance program. Look in your employee manual for a section describing your employee benefits package. If your benefits package includes an employee assistance program, it should include the name of your EAP service provider and a description of the services available to you and your family members.

You can access more information at www.fseap.ca.