Grief & Loss

Family Services Association - Grief & Loss Picture1Grief is a natural, emotional response to a major loss, such as the death of a loved one. Other losses, such as divorce or the loss of a home or job, are also sources of grief. Grief is an important and necessary reaction that eventually leads to emotional healing. However, initially it can cause significant emotional distress. Social function and productivity at work or school may become impaired. Grief responses may also occur following reminders of the loss, such as on anniversaries, holidays or other special days throughout the year.

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Often individuals who are grieving need to explain their feelings and they find counselling to be a safe, comforting place to express themselves and gain knowledge about the grieving process.

To arrange for counselling, please call our Intake Counsellor at 902-420-1980 or 1-888-886-5552 (toll free) or email