Our Philosophy

Family Service Association believes that families are the prime shapers of individuals and that the quality of family life is vital, both to the growth of individuals, children, couples and families and to developing and sustaining a healthy community.  It further believes that all individuals are equally worthwhile, that human growth is an active, continuous process and that each person is his or her own best resource.  The Association believes, however, that there are times when individuals, children, couples and families need to reach outside their personal networks to those who can help in learning to cope with problems and who can provide support and encouragement for positive growth.

Our Vision

Children, individuals, couples and families navigate life’s transitions successfully and in peace and enjoying positive, effective, personal relationships.

Programs and services accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay, especially to those facing challenges and barriers to happiness and peace.

Individuals, children, couples and families living with dignity and in strength in relationships, families and communities that are nurturing, inclusive and supportive.

Our Mission

The Mission of Family Service Association of Halifax Regional Municipality is to provide confidential, professional counselling and educational services to enable people to perform more effectively as individuals, couples or families in their community or place of work.  Family Service is a fully accredited independent not for profit community based agency delivering quality service to clients and community.  FSA is committed to a welcoming atmosphere, full accessibility, responding to changing needs within the community, cultural sensitivity and an emphasis on personal strengths, prevention, advocacy, organization stability and education.