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Are you assertive at home?

Welcome To Your "Are You Assertive At Home?" Quiz!

Does assertiveness come easily to you most of the time? Or do you sometimes find it a struggle to get your needs met without feeling guilty or causing resentment?

Take this quiz to assess your success at assertive behavior and to pinpoint areas where you could become more assertive.

I am comfortable meeting new people in social situations.
I am able to say “no” without feeling guilty or anxious.
I can express strong feelings such as anger, frustration or disappointment.
I can easily request help and information from others.
I feel capable of learning new things and performing new tasks.
I am able to acknowledge and take responsibility for my own mistakes.
I can discuss my beliefs without judging those who don’t agree with me.
I am able to express my honest opinion to others, even if they don’t agree.
I tell others when their behavior is not acceptable to me.
I can speak up confidently in group situations.
I can express anger or disappointment without blaming others.
I believe my needs are as important as those of others and should be considered.
I can assert my beliefs even when the majority disagrees with me.
I am comfortable delegating tasks to others.
I value my own experience and wisdom.

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