Building Good Relationships

Welcome To Your "Building Good Relationships" Quiz!

Do people seem to enjoy being with you, or do they head the other way when you enter the room?

Building relationships begins with the signals you give to show others you care about them.

Rate your relationship skills on a scale of 1 to 5.

Give yourself a 5 if your behavior is solidly in the first (“Do you…”) column, and a 1 if it’s decidedly in the third (“Or do you…”) column.

For instance, someone who appreciates other people’s humor about half the time would give themselves a 3 for that skill.

Now begin.

Do you listen to others with genuine interest or do you tend to ignore what’s really being said?
Do you frequently compliment other people’s success and accomplishments or do you resent them?
Do you show concern for people’s needs or do you only care about your own problems?
Do you enjoy other people’s ideas or do you discourage opinions different from your own?
Do you let people finish a statement before jumping in with your thoughts or do you interrupt people frequently?
Do you appreciate humor in others or do you hate kidding and joking by others?
Do you resist being swayed by first impressions or do you make judgments about people before getting to know them?
Do you use “body language” to show are interested in others or do you look bored and impatient?

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